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Classical ballet training forms the foundation of all dance instruction, and it is highly recommended that all competition classes, dancers in the classical dance styles (Lyrical, Jazz and Tap) take a ballet technique class


The Pre-Ballet class is ideal for boys and girls ages 4-7. Each themed lesson plan introduces a dance concept or principle Pre-Ballet class follows 4 Pillars to ensure each class is Educational, Engaging, Enriching & Essential to build a solid foundation for future ballet dancers. 


Lyrical dance aims to interpret the accompanying music in an emotionally expressive way. Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It is a very elegant dance form, characterized by fluidity and grace


Dancing on pointe, is often an important goal in a ballerina’s dance life. This type of dancing requires incredible strength of your child’s legs and feet.

Pointe technique is one of the most recognizable and iconic elements of dancing ballet. Dancing on pointe is done with specifically designed shoes to support the dancer’s weight with the feet fully extended.


This musical form of dance uses special shoes to enhance the sounds and rhythms made by the feet. Tap can be very similar to Jazz and Hip Hop with the addition of precise foot movements.


This is the perfect class for parents who can't choose between Dance & Gymnastics! The acrobatics element teaches flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control, while dance introduces rhythm , placement and turnout. 


Contemporary dance has been made famous by recent television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars”. This style of dance is rooted in ballet, jazz, and has become one of the most popular styles of dance in recent years.

Contemporary dance is characterized by versatility, providing opportunities to blend other techniques through self-expression and storytelling.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an updated fusion of 'Street Funk' and 'Street Dance' performed to popular music. It is an energetic form of dance that allows the dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities.

Musical Theater

Bring the exciting world of Broadway to life! This class introduces the basic principles of vocal and theater techniques, styles and performance. Students learn how to act and move as if they were in a musical. Our program helps in the development and growth of your child’s confidence and self-esteem. 

Creative Dance

 This is an introductory class containing ballet and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic ballet steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement and gross motor skill development games in a positive and fun environment. Engaging music is used to get these little ones inspired to dance

Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots dance class gently introduces your child to the joy of movement and rhythm through fun activities in our monthly themes, such as “Circus Week” and “Fairy Tales”. This class offers development in coordination, musical awareness, and listening skills while encouraging your three-year-old’s natural creativity.

Discover Dance

Any child can have fun and benefit through dance! That’s what our Discover Dance class is all about. It’s the perfect, short-session opportunity for your child to try a variety of dance styles.


Jazz is a fun, fast-paced mixture of various techniques. Throughout history jazz has developed in parallel to the popular music of the day, with the dance being a physical embodiment of the music. Classes include basic body isolations and coordination routines.

Pre-Hip Hop

The Pre-Hip Hop class is ideal for boys and girls ages 3-7. Each themed lesson plan introduces a dance concept or principle using kid-friendly themes, props and music! Pre-Hip Hop classes are multi-sensory and designed with the whole child in-mind. The Pre-Hip Hop class follows 4 Pillars to ensure each class is Educational, Engaging, Enriching & Essential to build a solid foundation for future hip hop dancers. 


Pre-tap classes are recommended for children ages 3-7! The themed tap lessons will take your dancer on a fun journey into imagination, while learning and reviewing important tap skills! Each themed lesson incorporates imagery with age-appropriate exercises to teach musicality, rhythmic patterns, tempo, sequencing, and motor tools. Your dancers will work on the building-blocks of tap dance vocabulary needed to provide a strong foundation for future tap skills.

Tiny Twos

Our Tiny Twos dance class is designed to be your child’s first introduction to independent dance! Dancing can help your two-year-old develop social, motor, and cognitive skills that are the building blocks they’ll carry with them throughout their toddler years and beyond.

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